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“We were able to lean in on this deal because of Azurite. We didn’t think we’d get anything over the line this year, given the state of the market, but your data got us there - we should have been using your services much earlier.”

West Coast Based Large Cap PE Firm 

Azurite's unique toolkit is deployed across the entire investment value chain

Primary Research Surveys & Expert Interviews


  • Identify prospective targets and crowd-source 'game changing' new market players
  • Quantify market trends and dynamics using industry and / or functionally focused 'pulse surveys'


  • Develop a 360 degree perspective of your target, quantify large volumes of customer and compare to its competition survey
  • Measure market share, quantify drivers of purchase decision making, identify switching likelihood and stickiness, quantify industry trends that drive valuation

Portfolio Companies

  • Build a holistic dataset to answer critical questions and compare your customer needs to the competition
  • Quantify voice of customer, develop go-to-market strategy based on demand funnel, test R&D and innovation potential, build strategic options and more

Unique Datasets: Total Addressable Market Maps & Propensity Modeling


  • Build creative datasets to segment prospective targets, track company growth and identify rising stars before others do


  • Measure target's exact market share and brand penetration by "mapping" the entire marketplace - bottom up
  • Build creative datasets to answer specific diligence questions using data, not expert opinions

Portfolio/Operating Companies

  • Quantify your total addressable market by identifying all potential buyers (not just who your sales team knows)
  • Focus and target sales outreach and geographic expansion on the highest propensity to buy / highest value prospects to win

What we deliver

Primary Research Surveys

High volume, obsessive quality, niche populations

We couple our unique targeting and research methodologies with machine learning to rapidly build your custom respondent set from scratch each and every time. We consistently identify 300+ niche respondents to deliver you answers, insight and conviction.

Unique Datasets

Total addressable market maps, propensity modeling

New, large datasets, built specifically to answer your business and diligence questions. We couple each unique dataset with data science and machine learning to deliver you answers and focus your outreach on the exact, high-value markets and prospects to win.

Expert Interviews

Deep structured approach to distill insight

Laser targeted interviews allow you to quickly collect intelligence from the exact decision makers and experts who have the answers you need. Our deep structured interview approach hones in on insight and delivers synthesized and actionable results that drive conviction.

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Delivering unique insight from proprietary research methodologies

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"Azurite delivers original primary research on steroids."

"Azurite delivered the impossible - we never thought we could find these decision makers"

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