Make every critical decision with real-world data and conviction

Azurite creates customized datasets to help companies make critical decisions with data and conviction.  

Go-to-market & segmentation

Understand adoption rates, market potential, prospect & customer needs, willingness to buy, etc. then test and compare potential approaches

Company performance improvement

Diagnose company performance to identify service and product breakdowns - compare to competition - and determine improvement opportunities 

Demand funnel improvement

Measure brand awareness, consideration, evaluation, win-rates, and underlying purchase drivers 

1-5 year strategy

Validate assumptions with data from real decision makers, measure share, quantify growth pathways and future industry dynamics 

R&D and innovation

Understand customer & market pain points, buyer decision making, willingness to pay, and competitive customer preferences 

Geographic expansion

Identify locations, measure population needs, prioritize based on value pools and profitability potential 

Acquisition decisions

Conduct diligence on targets based on customers & competitive customer insights
— collect original data that no one else has 

Risk quantification

Quantify risks across your business: supply chain, accounts receivable, customer churn, competitive attacks – test potential mitigation factors 

“Azurite uncovered an entire market segment that we didn't know existed... they showed how our go-to-market assumptions need to be completely revisited. We used to run research in-house through our CRM, now we only use Azurite.ˮ

West Coast Based, Real Estate Software

Our Enterprise Services

B2B / Business Surveys & Research

High volume, obsessive quality, niche populations

We couple our unique targeting and research methodologies with machine learning to rapidly build your custom respondent set from scratch each and every time. We consistently identify 300+ niche respondents to deliver you answers, insight and conviction.

Unique Datasets & Propensity Models

Total addressable market maps, propensity modeling

New, large datasets, built specifically to answer your business and diligence questions. We couple each unique dataset with data science and machine learning to deliver you answers and focus your outreach on the exact, high-value markets and prospects to win.

Expert Interviews

Deep structured approach to distill insight

Laser targeted interviews allow you to quickly collect intelligence from the exact decision makers and experts who have the answers you need. Our deep structured interview approach hones in on insight and delivers synthesized and actionable results that drive conviction.

Partner with a team you can trust

Delivering unique insight from proprietary research methodologies

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What our clients say...

"Azurite delivers original primary research on steroids."

"Azurite delivered the impossible - we never thought we could find these decision makers"

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