Primary research can be powerful and finding a trusted partner is crucial.

Top-Tier Management Consultants

Senior client thought-partnership, strategy, in-depth cross-industry knowledge, problem solving

Data science, Statistics & Machine Learning

Data cleansing and manipulation alongside cutting-edge predictive and analytical techniques

Coding, Engineering & Computer Languages

Multiple coding languages including Python, VBA, JavaScript alongside APIs and web development

Bespoke Surveys

Traditional Management Consulting

Senior client management, strategy, in-depth knowledge of operations across numerous industries, problem solving and thought partnership

Data science, AI & Statistics

Data cleaning, manipulation and organization alongside cutting-edge predictive and analytical techniques

10+ Coding Languages

Knowledge of multiple coding languages including Python, R, VBA, HTML, Java, C++ alongside APIs and website


Our team's diverse experience and capabilities underpins our ability to deliver unique thought-leadership, insight and data that exists nowhere else

Azurite's proprietary methodologies overcome common primary research blind spots:

Imprecise and tired networks

All panel providers and expert networks rely on stale networks of recruited individuals — leading to imprecise targeting of out-of-date respondents.

Weak quality control

Panels and expert networks focus on quotas, not quality and rigor of responses. Members have been "conditioned to click through surveys", delivering poor data and skewed results. 

Missed respondent targets

Panels and expert networks are limited by their membership, making it impossible to deliver promised volume & distribution.


The top consulting firms typically outsource primary research to the same panel providers and expert networks that fail you directly. 

Lack of research expertise

Generalist consultants, panels and expert networks generally do not build rigorous expertise in research methodologies which causes skews, data issues and false conclusions. 

Lack of business acumen

Typically, panel and expert network teams have limited-to-no business experience - and are process driven, not outcome or objective driven.

Delivering unique insight from proprietary research methodologies

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"Azurite delivers original primary research on steroids."

"Azurite delivered the impossible - we never thought we could find these decision makers"

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