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Transforming the value of primary research

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B2B / Business Surveys & Research

High volume, obsessive quality, niche populations

We rapidly build your custom respondent set from scratch each and every time and consistently identify large volumes of niche respondents to deliver you answers, insight and conviction.

Unique Datasets & Propensity Models

Total addressable market maps, propensity modeling

New, large datasets, built specifically to answer your business and diligence questions. We couple each unique dataset with data science and machine learning to deliver you answers.

Expert Interviews

Deep structured approach to distill insight

Laser-targeted interviews to quickly collect intelligence from the exact decision makers and experts who have the answers you need to drive conviction in your decisions.

“Azurite delivers original business research on steroids. They have a 100% delivery track record and consistently deliver what they promise.”

Large Cap PE Firm 

Our Clients

Azurite’s unique datasets answer your critical questions

Diligence & Acquisition

Develop a 360 perspective of your target, their customers and their competition

Competitive Benchmarking

Quantify competitor's customer views on product & brand to improve and win

R&D and Innovation

Understand customer and prospect needs from all angles to drive innovation

Total Addressable Market

Define the market, bottom-up, to prioritize opportunity and target more effectively

Sales Effectiveness

Identify gaps in sales and go-to-market to turbo-charge growth

Purchase Decision Making

Identify and map customer and prospect decision making drivers and precise process

Market Share & Industry Trends

Segment your markets and identify game-changing gaps, insights, and opportunities

... and many other questions

Our research is built for precision and volume - to answer your most critical questions

We have a 100% track record finding high volumes of niche B2B buyers, decision makers and product users. We never use panel providers or expert networks.

Sample populations Azurite has rapidly found for our clients:

750 Real Estate Property Managers

250 Automotive Dent Repair Techs

350 Medical Administrators

1,000 Graphic Artists & Designers

500 Police, Fire & EMS Chiefs

300 Landmen and Mineral Managers

500 Hair Salon Owners

500 Builders, Contractors, Dealers & Distributors

600 Auto, RV & Truck Dealership Owners

400 High School Team Coaches & Managers

500 Developer & Architect Team Leaders

Who do you need to find?


Our team’s unique capabilities mean that we deliver trustworthy primary research that exists nowhere else

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Delivering unique insight from proprietary research methodologies

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"Azurite delivers original primary research on steroids."

"Azurite delivered the impossible - we never thought we could find these decision makers"

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